Promoting the culture of peace among youth

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Alexandria, 15 August 2005—Within the framework of “The Suzanne Mubarak Women’s International Peace Movement”, a project entitled “Peace Education among Youth” was initiated to help promote the culture of peace among youth. The project is coordinated by the “Egyptian Association for the Protection of Children” in Alexandria, in collaboration with the Businessmen Association in Assiut and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA). This project comes within the BA’s goals of enhancing peace awareness and augmenting cultural knowledge. The project’s first phase will span five months, from August to December 2005.

Sunday, 14 August, witnessed the first meeting of the project at the BA, where participants were introduced to its goals and how it aims to spread the values of tolerance, peace and respect for others. The youth, aged 13-20 years old, presented their artwork, including essays, sketches and poetry, expressing their understanding of peace. The meetings will be held weekly.

Introduction by the program coordinator Presentation of artwork by participants