BA Activities of the “16-Day Campaign to Eliminate Violence against Women”

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The BA Women Studies and Social Transformation Program (WSST) organized a number of activities as part of the 16-day campaign to eliminate violence against women, which is held this year under the title “Together We Protect Her.”

The program began with a silent gathering in front of the BA building, in solidarity with survivors of violence around the world. It invited all those interested in women's issues to participate in this gathering, in honor of women from different cultures, and as an expression of total rejection of violence against women.

Under the auspices of UN Women, the Library building was lit in orange for the fifth consecutive year. The full orange lighting of the BA building comes as part of the “Color the World Orange” initiative that is held within the framework of the UN Secretary-General's UniTE campaign, through which the color orange is symbolizing a future free from all forms of violence against women and girls around the world. Due to the importance of rationalizing energy consumption, lighting was executed using environmentally friendly, energy-saving searchlights.

The Women Studies and Social Transformation Program, in collaboration with the BA Children and Young People’s Libraries, also organized a theatrical performance that aimed to discover the skills and strengths of female participants, by training them to use acting, writing and storytelling skills. These skills were intended to help them express their problems and break free from their effects that hinder their social and economic progress.