The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Prepares to Launch its Annual Book Fair

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is preparing to launch its annual Book Fair tomorrow, Monday, 18 July, which is set to continue until 28 July 2022, and will be held in cooperation with the General Egyptian Book Organization and the Egyptian and Arab Publishers Association.

The Book Fair is held under the slogan: "Awareness and Building the Human Being", which will be the focus of the program and cultural events to be held. This year, the fair includes 75 cultural events, with the participation of more than 300 speakers and lecturers.

The program to be held alongside the Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Book Fair is considered a cultural festival for the intellectuals of Alexandria in particular and of Egypt and the Arab world in general. The Book Fair's administration is keen to invite Alexandrian creators to attend the cultural events pertaining to the various fields of culture, arts and literature.

The cultural program accompanying the 17th Bibliotheca Alexandrina Book International Fair also presents an important set of workshops on the arts of writing (novel - short story - script - radio drama - very short story - criticism), in addition to a translation workshop and an Arabic calligraphy workshop.

A number of prominent figures will participate in this year's Fair, led by the writer Ibrahim Abdel Meguid, Dr Haytham Alhaj Ali, Dr. Osama Al-Azhari, Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Dr. Osama Al-Shazly, Dr. Gamal Yaqout, the writer Omar Taher, the journalist Sayed Mahmoud, the novelist and poet Alaa Khaled, the translator Hisham Fahmy, the novelist Dr. Reem Bassiouney, the writer Walid Fikri, Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, among others.

To view the Fair's cultural program, please click here.