Yoginder to lecture on employment issues at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina started to organize a series of specialized and scientific lectures. Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Library stated that the main aim behind these lectures is to transfer the rare international expertise to Egypt and make use of them in the different fields.

In the same frame work, Dr. Yoginder K. Alagh the International Indian experienced economist will give a lecture at the Library on Sunday 5/1/2002 at 7:00 p.m. The lecture is entitled “Non-Farm Employment Strategies”. Dr. Sakr Ashour and Dr. Abd El-Rahman Yousry; professors at the Alexandria University will participate in commenting on the lecture.

The lecture will discuss the relationship between the non-farm employment opportunities and the process of economic development and supply responses to growth and diversification of demand in India.

It will also discuss the period of high growth characterizing the Indian economy since the mid-seventies, which have led to structural change including in employment that is obviously pronounced in some regions, and lagging in other. This diversification away from cereals has led to growth in first stage processing in sector like commercial crops, animal husbandry and fishing. The forestry sector has not grown on account of a distinct macro policy bias against it in India. Widespread agro-based growth is required in the next phase to sustain this process. Organizational incentive systems, financial technological support reforms are required for this sector, which was summarized in a set of rules.

Dr. Alagh believes that the existing plan schemes need a total revamp, in the context of a market based reform and policies of support to those who help themselves.
A similar set of reforms id needed for the artisan based industrial sector. He also believes that innovations policies for rural access to modern technology, particularly in the information and biotechnology sectors are needed around existing pioneer efforts. A process of decentralized Urban Center growth, underway needs to be supported through transportation planning, land use policies and infrastructures support for sustainable livelihood expansion.

Dr. Yoginder K. Algah is currently Vice Chairman and professor of Economics at Sardar Patel Institute of Economics and Social Research in Ahmedabab in India. He is also Chairman of Civil Services Examination Review Committee at the Union Public Service Commission of India.

Dr. Alagh held many ministerial positions in India, as between 1996 to 1998 he was Minister of State for Power, Minister of State for planning and program Implementation and is Currently a member of the Indian Parliament.

Dr. Alagh has participated in many UN related programs and projects and he was Chief of Mission for the FAO/UNDP food security in Egypt.

Dr. Alagh received the VKRV RAO prize for his outstanding research in Economics in 1981.
Many of Dr. Alagh""s books, papers and researches were published in USA, France, Japan and India.

Dr. Alagh is currently Chairman at the scientific Steering Committee of the International Social Science Program of UNESCO-know an as MOST, Management of Social Transformation and he is a member of the United Nations University Council in Tokyo.

Dr. Alagh is considered one of the most distinguished world Economists.