Cultural cooperation between Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Arab Writers Union

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During his latest visit to Syria, Dr. Isamil Serageldin, Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the well-known author and writer Mr. Aly Okla Ersan; President of the Arab Writers Union agreed to establish cultural activities cooperation between the Library and the Union. To this purpose, the Union will donate all its books and publications on the Internet to the Library so that these could be included in the Library on the Internet. These books and publications will be translated into English as well as other languages, so that they act as a link between the Arab countries and the rest of the world.

A conference is scheduled to be held between the Library and the Union in November 2003.

It is planned that some of the Library representatives will be invited to attend some of the activities of the Union and vice-versa.

The two parties have also agreed to interchange the periodicals and the publications on regular basis.

Dr. Serageldin suggested that the Union nominates the important Arabic books that should be included in the Arabic Electronic Data project.

The two parties suggested to organize a conference that will include the Arab Writers Union, the Arab Publishers Union and Bibliotheca Alexandrina to support the Arabic Electronic Data project.

Mr. Ersan urged the Arab Writers Union and the other Arab Unions to donate their books and writing to the Library.

It is expected that a Formal Cooperation Agreement between the Library and the Union will be signed in the forthcoming period of time.